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Help With Referencing a Collection

To start with, please take a look at the following video where I show what I’m having difficulty with:

As shown in the video, I have three collections

  1. A Course Collection
  2. A Lesson Collection.
  3. An Authors Collection

The relationship between these three collections is as follows:

  • Each course is made up of multiple lessons.
  • Each course has at least one author (but can have multiple authors).
  • Each author can be the author of multiple courses.
  • A lesson does NOT have an author – the course has the author

Right now I’m trying to build the Lessons Page. I want to reference on that page both the course that the lesson is part of as well as the author of that course.

Referencing the course is not difficult – since I can directly link the lesson and course collections. But referencing the author of the course is not simple, since I have a separate authors collection which I reference from the Course Collection via a reference field.

Since the Authors field on the Course Collection is a reference to yet another Collection, I cannot reference it from within the Lessons Collection.

I could, theoretically, create a text field in the Course Collection and manually add in the authors name - and then I’d be able to reference the author’s name. But then I lose the capability of creating an authors page which details biographical info on the author as well as all his or her courses (which is something I want to do).

As such, I am stuck.

How can I reference the author of the course from the Lessons Page (while still being able to create an authors page)?

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Hi, you can’t because your Author reference field is a multi reference one. And there are multiple limitations around multi references fields. It’s not that Webflow doesn’t consider it to be important, it’s probably because it’s not so easy to do. In all logic, this is something that should be possible to do in the near future.

FYI to reference your multi ref field inside of your Course template, you need to bind it to a collection list that you’ll drag inside of the template page.

There’s a “design” solution for your problem: not using a multi ref field but a series of ref fields. Say you have max 4 authors per course, then use 4 ref fields. Many downsides with this as it’s using fields, and ref fields on top of that, which re even more limited.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I tried what you said, but it still doesn’t seem to work.

Here is a video showing you what I did:

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @moshemo,

Looks like you’re trying to display data in Template Page - Lessons - which has no reference to the Authors Collection.

Instead of adding a Reference Field on the Courses Collection, you’d need to add the Reference Field on the Lessons Collection, so that you’re able to pull Authors data on the Lessons Template page.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: