Show 9 Random Items From a Collection on Button Click

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out how to display 9 random CMS items in a grid on button click. I’d like to work so that on every click the different items show up in random order from a list of about 63. I’ve gone through all sorts of tutorials and still can’t seem to get this one figured out. I know Webflow has a random sorting, but it only happen every 12 hours. I’d like for this to be instantaneous. Any help would be amazing since this is due tomorrow!

Thanks so much!

The quick and easy way is to setup the sort on the list to be random, and limited to 9 items.
Then make your button simply refresh the whole page.

I’m actually not sure what this refers to. On most of my sites I have a sidebar that shows a few random customer reviews, and they change every time you refresh the page.