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Custom code to randomly show items in front end

Hey! I need some help (paid help of course) to code a script that let a webflow page to show at random all the elements in a custom grid.

We haven’t started design yet, it will be just a one page that can randomly show in different places, different elements, its some sort of an art project. The idea is to design a grid with some images, gifs, titles and paragraph elements that can be randomly shown every time the page loads and with the tap of a button.

I need to know first if its possible and how much it will cost to code that script. I would design the page but need someone to code that functionality.


Hey @ricardopah - this is actually reasonably simple, I’ve done it before as an experiment and I’ve just showcased the project which you can clone here:

I am available to freelance as well so DM me if you need help getting it going, but hopefully you can work it out with this!

Hi @ricardopah,

I can help.

Please check your PM.


Have you tried using the below functionality with the CMS ?

Screenshot 2020-01-30 at 18.26.42

This is a native function of Webflow and can be done pretty much without coding anything.

Oops yep, as others have pointed out this is now possible without custom code. I hadn’t realised they updated that function :sweat_smile: - that’s my out of date 2016 knowledge showing.

Although saying that - I tested it on and after a few times of it changing the order at random on refresh, the standard ‘random, shuffle’ feature seems to stop. I know now looking back at old forum posts that previously it was caching it and only allowing the order to change every 12 hours so maybe it’s still doing something similar after a certain number of times :man_shrugging:

Thanks everyone!

I will try to do it with the cms and see if I can get it all done!