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Should you use different styles for the same H tags

Hi guys,
Can you have multiple styles for the same H tags? Should you?

I am struggling to put this into words so I apologise if this makes no sense.

I am working on a redesign of a web page and have right now two page formats in mind. One is a home page (see below) the other that has yet to be made is where all the links on the home page would send the user, it would look like a blog (see here for an example of what I am going for So the user would arrive at the home page, and click a link to got to an article page.

The issue I have is that the heading styles I have used on my home page would not look good in an article. Should I simply create a different set of H tags for the blog page, so I would have two sets of style sheets for H tags.

On this home page, and this article page which I am using for a design guide. I notice that the article page looks good and uses H tags as expected, but the home page is made up of H5’s, no H1’s or anything else.

This is confusing as you can clearly visually see headings such as " End Of Season Media Availability: August 12, 2020" or " Latest Press Releases" but they are not given proper H tags at all so the hierarchy of this page makes no sense.

What is the best way to go about this? Should I make multiple H tag style sheets, should I focus on the article page where H tags work as intended and just make the home page however I can with disregard for proper hierarchy?

Very confusing.


You can apply different classes to the H tags as needed. So your H1 tag on each page can have a unique class, that will style it differently. This will have no impact on SEO, since your site is indexed on the H tags, not on the styling of those tags.

I usually have a Home page H1 class, that is different from my other pages H1 class.

So you should definitely stick to the proper Heading hierarchy, ensuring each page has an H1, and go down from there.

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Thanks, I think I was just overthinking it, it helps to have somebody with more experience give me the ok for this.