SEO Expert Question re H1 Tags per Page

Evening all,

Question for SEO experts.

I’m building a blog collection page.

The page itself already has an H1 heading, outlining what the blogs are about…

Underneath is a grid collection of posts (7 so far) , with the title, date, category etc., being pulled from the CMS collection.

For the post title pulled from the CMS, can I use an H1 (again) or is that not a good practice?

On the individual collection pages, the Post titles are H1, but those obviously count as a single page…

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Not good practice. You should only have 1 H1 tag per page.

You can make the H2 look the exact same as H1 if you wanted it to look consistent.

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Cheers Dave,

What I thought. No issues with consistency, just wasn’t sure how Google would “read” it.

God bless.

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Here is an interesting article testing if they are still relevant today (early 2020)


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Nice one. Thanks again.

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hi @Dave_Birnie

Watched an interesting YouTube video by Samuel Gregory a couple of months ago.

(see from 9:50 onwards.)

He uses a more SEO optimised H1, with an “sr-only” class, hidden from view and uses a paragraph as a Title, with more salesy / marketing copy… looking like an H1.


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Very interesting. This would be ideal, but I think it takes a little more work… I guess you’d have to evaluate time/effort.

I’ve started implementing this on a number of pages for H1’s and also to increase accessibility for other elements.

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