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Question about Style Guides

Good morning folks, I have a question about creating a style guide in Webflow. When you build your style guide on a separate page and you style H1-H6, do you assign to all H1 tags and so on and then do a combo class to style differently in another page so it doesnt affect the style guide styles???

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Hey @jtorr19

My way will be to style the base tag H1/H6 and use combo class for variants.

It’s better to have those ready in your design and not making changes to them, but sometimes you will need h1 that is white and one that is black. Here you can just say > .h1–white > .h1–black

The other will be creating a global class you can use for all headings > .h–white > .h–black

Hope this makes sense :webflow_heart:

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Hi @jtorr19,

I red this post from Webflow and i think its useful to consider it.

My best, Daniel