Should i set canonical tag urls in every page?

Hey everyone,

I am experiencing a trouble, that i don’t understand. In Semrush i see that i have canonical tag fails for all my content and pages. I have already set my global canonical tag as and i thought this should have been working already.

Should i set the tags in every static and dynamic page?

I really do not understans the logic for that. Could you please help me?

Here is my site Read-Only:

[1]: masal oku
[2]: Ready Only Link

Canonical url should be set for every page but is not mandatory, it simply tells clearly to google with url to index. Note that the canonical url is different for each page. If you’ve set on every page the same url, your seo will be basically destroyed and no page will be correctly indexed, since google will treat every page as the homepage

I am so grateful for your answer @pietrofalco

I have another question. If i set the unique canocial urls for every page would be my seo rankings better?

The problem is your trailing /.

In Webflow’s site settings, set your Canonical to

Webflow will automatically create the canonicals through your site, e.g.

Oh, thank you dear Michael. Now it sounds very stupid what i did as mistake :slight_smile:

But i am grateful. I think it will be solved.

Not at all, there should absolutely be some guidance on that page, a lot of users are bitten hard by that.

On top of that, the Webflow platform should absolutely check and correct those URLs, before it appends page paths like /about. I’m really not sure why all of that was skipped- particularly as most Webflow clients are not devs, they’re designers.

Glad we figured it out though.