Non canonical link error in Semrush nut not in search console

I have seen alot of other people have the same issue but the solution seems to be different for everyone.

Semrush site audit and screaming frog tell me that 22 links on my site (almost 80%) are non canonical URLs , screaming frog even says they are non indexable. But google search console shows these links as indexed properly and getting impressions, though very few :frowning:

All the pages are unique , im using an auto generated sitemap, the global canonical tag is set to the default domain. No fancy customizations whatsoever,

What am i missing folks?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the forum Shabahat Ali.

Your canonical URLs have an added /, which means that in your configuration, you need to change your canonical URL setting to this;

Without the ending /.


that’s strange, any idea why these extra /'s?

All the links in the sitemap appear normal.

Just as I said above, you need to remove the trailing slash in your canonical URL.

Sitemaps are a different thing entirely, not related to this.