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Shopping Carts on Webflow website?

Do we have the ability to add a Shopify shopping cart to one of our webflow pages? I plan on using Webflow to host my site.


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Hi @Neal_Gregory, currently we don’t have native Shopify integration, but you could export your site and change it to fit the Shopify template format (though this does require some expertise).

Our friends at PayStand (cc @jeremyalmond) have put together a great guide to integrating their solution into a Webflow site which works well if you have Webflow hosting your site. Check it out here:


I haven’t tried PayStand yet, just got a invitation and will try it out soon. But on another thread here at the forum I read about Ecwid And I must say it was incredible easy to set up. In one minute I had a shop in, Swedish as well, up and running. You’ll need some css knowledge to customize but overall I was impressed in how quick I got a shop up and running.

I have been working with the same issue, to find a good ecommerce for webflow. Sadly PayStand dont work in Norway (same as Stripe that SquareSpace uses). So I have been thinking of building my page with webflow, and then integrate a commerce into the WB page. But are you saying that this is not possible with Shopify? That what ever I do inside WB, the user will be sent to a external page (and then with an shopify theme design)? So there are no way that I can let the user still be inside the WB page, but still use Shopify?
And thanks for a really great product:)

Damn I have to work on a shopping system somehow… Maybe not fully automatic but still amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi, did you manage to import the ecwid page into your WB page?

Hi @Cas. At Ecwid you get a embed code that you use in Webflow with the embed widget.

Nice and thanks for answer!!!

But as far as I know, this is the same thing that Shopify provides, or?
So if it works with Ecwid, then is should do the same thing with Shopify i guess. The answer from callmevlad got me thinking that this was not possible, hence that you have to style the WB page to look like the Shopify page.

Is it possible to have a look at your page to see how ecwid works in WB?

Sorry, that page is deleted. it was something I tried out for a client but the project moved in another direction. I was impressed though how easy it was to get a shop running in Webflow with Ecwid.

You can add a shopify buy button to webflow
Haven’t tried but check it out:

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other solutions can be found here:

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Yup! I used the buy button integration and it worked beautifully. This is still a test site and I don’t know how long it will stay up, but feel free to check out to see how it works! Just a lot of embed widget functions and some div blocks.