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Need better menu system/sorting when working with Ecom

Hi again.

I have been looking at one of my Shopify sites when i have been doing some testing. When trying to implement a good user interface i find it very hard. Not in all cases but in this case.

The site sell hair products, cosmetics, maneup and so on. There are a bunsh of different vendors, each product belongs to one or more categories in total at can be around 40-50 uniqe categories.

In Shopify i can build a very easy navigation system that the end user easy understand. This is realy hard to do with Webflow. Some customer might only be interested in Hair products, other onlu want to se Skin care products. Some customers want to find products by vendor (Brand) and other are looking for special products only regarding face mask or acid products.

As you can understand it’s hard to do a nice navigation in Webflow, so many options and so many selections and no dynamic selections. Any plans to enhance this?? It’s difficult to build this with the current Ecom/Webflof solution.

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Id recommend adding this to the Wishlist.

However have you thought about doing a similar menu layout that the marketing team did for the main Webflow website?

Setup your main menu for the main categories and you can also use the search bar for specific keywords.

That would be my suggestion in the meantime.

There are so many categories and thet are dynamic. then i also have to split them up depending of what kind of product the customer are interested in and then we are back, need dynamic options.

HMMMM. Not sure then. Can you give me a simple layout of the different category elements and how they fit with one another?

Here is a link to the shopify system. It-s in Swedish but im sure you will understand the navigation.

The navigation is on the left side

@JanneWassberg, I seriously dont see an issue with this. You can do that with CMS collections and Reference and Multi-Reference. To do the dropdown that would be an interaction. Webflow has given you the tools, its just now a matter of linking everything.

I would create a list of all current categories you need
Then create connecting flows for how they would need to work together
from there you can create all your categories and then use the reference and multi-reference fields to link them.
Then setup your menu CMS List for each section.
I know it can be done, I have done it. (not with that many, but about 15 items)

If you can send me half of what you want to do and how you want them to be link Im sure I can create somethign that would work.

@WebDev_Brandon ok, but im not sure i agree with you. Lets take a look at the dbStructure first.

To begin with you are bound to how Webflow CMS works and the list function. If you have a multi ref field you can’t do propper filtering. you can oly select ONE value.

Here is my current structure. Products in the bottom Pointing to categories with a multi ref. field. Standard ny Ecom. Then i have added to more single ref fields from the product 1. Vendor there is always a vendor for a product. 2 Product group, a product group is where the product belongs in customer perpeciv, Hair products, Cosmetics, Skin products and more.

Categories can not be connected to the new CMS tables since they are general for all products and not bound to a vendor or product group.

With this in mind take a look on how webflow handles filtering in the selections. If you do have a solution on this im ver happy.

I am confused by your thought process in your 2nd paragraph. Maybe give me the highlights or lay out in bullet points. Sorry, doing many things at once.

@WebDev_Brandon hope this will explain the dbStructure



Hi @WebDev_Brandon been doing some more testing now. Did build a dynamic CMS. Menu, it coves parts of My navigation problems, not all but it might work for the moment, but needs to be better in the future.

One problem with this is that you must do add to cart from the product page. This is a problem with a system with more complex search from the UI perspectiv. When searching products from other selections there are many extra click.s because the missing possibility of the function add to cart outside of the product page

If you would like to se My testprojekt or If someone else would likte to se My testing let me know and i will post the link and pls don`t forget that is a test project.

The dynamic menu is quite fun.

Hi @JanneWassberg, that would be a good to see, so yes add your share link.

Will do, looking at Sweden Turkey for the moment

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Ok, enjoy your weekend and add when you can.

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@WebDev_Brandon You can take a first look ar this and i will give a preview link later

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