Printful + Webflow?

Hi guys,

I was wondering, are you thinking to integrate Printful to your Ecommerce platform?
That would be awesome, because for the moment, a lot of people are using this site to start a business and to be able to use it, we have to stick with Shopify unfortunately because you do not have the app yet. Thank you for your answers, Arnaud.


I also am using Printful and would love an integration with webflow. I was hoping at a minimum, I could use Zapier but Printful doesn’t have a Zapier integration. I did however receive a survey from webflow on desired upcoming features, and printful integration was one of the questions they asked. Hopefully there’s enough of us in the community that have a need for this. As soon as ecommerce variants are released I’ll be ready to release my site. Fortunately for now, I’m only selling around 100 items/monthly and I can manually fulfill the orders that would come through webflow. However, I’m increasing sales order volume roughly 5%-15% each month, so sooner or later manually transferring the orders will become too much. Pray for Printful integration!


I’m with you guys. This integration would also be good for me and an upcoming project. :crossed_fingers:Maybe this integration will come out when digital products make their way into the Ecommerce feature.

Also was slightly shocked that Printful doesn’t have Zapier integration.


hey I am in the same situation.
I want to design my store with webflow, I want to print using either Printful or Printify…I cant even get adobe fonts in the Shopify theme editor, it looks poor.

I dont understand what the foxy thing is, or what the zapier thing is.

if I just design the CSS/Html in webflow, can I then inject it into shopify? will that work?

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Printful is now on Zapier (in beta). I’m attempting to connect it with my Webflow E-commerce store and having trouble wrapping my head around these steps. Has anyone successfully connected Webflow and Printful using the new Zaps?

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I’m trying to attempt this as well. I’ve been trying to figure out the best solution using either a combination of Webflow Ecommerce+Zapier+Printful or Webflow Collections+Shopify Buy Button+Printful.

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Hi guys, that’s good news that Printful is now on Zapier. The solution I finally found on my side was to transform the Webflow website into a Shopify website using Udesly adapter. The problem is that it is not really easy and need to deeply understand and apply all attributes needed by Udesly for each page. This is really time-consuming and I was thinking about paying them to do it.
Of course, Zapier would be a better solution is that could help us to add a button “Add to Cart”, without having to go through Shopify.
One question: using Zapier, is it possible to implement such a button for a product with multiple versions? Does the button would be fully customisable on Webflow?
That were the concerns I faced when using Shopify Buy button: no customisation and only for single product (no variants).

Hi all.
For what it’s worth, Foxy seamlessly integrates with Webflow (, allowing you to manage your products with Webflow’s CMS (or manually setup products with Webflow’s Form Builder, button element, or html embed) and send order information to Printful via our zap (in beta) or a third-party integration Order Desk.

We’ve helped literally hundreds of Webflow users with their ecommerce needs, so you’re in good company. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help getting started or have additional questions.


Hey all! I’ve actually connected one of my Ecommerce stores to Printful already! :smiley:

It was just an early proof of concept, but I’ll post some details here soon (later today) of my workflow and Zap so you can try it for yourselves!

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Here’s my setup, but I don’t think it’s ready for primetime yet without doing a lot of extra work. Maybe someone with more time can make this better:


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Hi there ya’ll… I’ve just recently starting using Printful for my Apparel business on my webflow site. In the end I just decided to stick to a the regular webflow cms plan and then subscribed to a ‘shopify lite’ plan and just pasted the ‘buy button’ onto my website! Worked well! : )

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Hi Riley,

Thank you for your detailed video.
Indeed, a lot of solutions exist for unique product, but nothing to deal with variants.
Unfortunately, I am currently using variants for my store :disappointed_relieved:
So, referring to your video, it is not possible for the moment to use this solution because “we do not have the ability to pull across custom fields yet to the API”.
Just to confirm if I understood it well:
-> the problem is not coming from Printful API, but from Webflow API that is not communicating the custom fields to Printful. Is that correct?

Have you heard about a possible solution for that problem internally to make modifications in the API? Would that be hard to implement?

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

You added a Shopify button on your Webflow website to place the order on Printful? Do customers do the full check out on your Webflow website?

there is a webflow feature request on Printful. We should vote as much as possible to make it happen

Did you ever get to follow up on simplifying this process? Seems pretty convoluted still

Hey everyone on this thread, you can use printful and webflow through zapier.

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Thank you and welcome!

Thanks!!! And no problem!

Have you successfully implemented this? I tried it a few months ago but it wasn’t very straight forward, was having massive issues with Printful’s variant ID’s mapping to the trigger. Neither Printful support nor Zapier support could successfully map them when they tried. Let me know if you got this working, my whole business runs off of this need. Currently built in webflow but using Shopify for cart and checkout. Would love to get away from that.

I’m also doing what @Krystle_Svetlana mentioned as a temporary solution until a full integration is ready. If anyone wants to check out how Webflow + Shopify buy button + Printful integration looks and works on a live site this is it here, hope it helps as a stopgap solution


Hi, everyone! I have an update!

:point_up: An article on how to use Webflow and Integromat to connect with Printful. No more Shopify or other tools required! :webflow_heart: