Shopify integration with and without CMS


It’s about this site:

On this test site you can see my problem with the Shopify / Webflow interaction:

I have added the same Shopify Code to both the static and the CMS content. Adding to the CMS content a dynamic field (and yes, I am using the correct Shopify ID in the products shop entry).

Why does the Shopify content not appear on the dynamic list???

Please help !! :slight_smile:

Hi @Alex_Suarez have you tried this?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, I have done exactly these steps.

@PixelGeek I was running into the same issue as @Alex_Suarez. Our code from shopify is different from your example. You’ll notice the node line below the product ID in Alex’s screenshot. It’s asking for the product handle. I’ve added the product handle to my dynamic collection and have replaced the product handle in the embedded code with a dynamic field. I’m also getting a similar moneyFormat value (I tried using your example, but with no luck)

The button is now appearing and working properly. But now I’m running into major performance issues. If I remove the embedded code on these pages, the page will load as fast as any other page.

Any help would be huge.

Here is my preview:

And page in question:


@Alex_Suarez and @stevehurd please note that the custom code will not render within the Designer, but it does render on the published custom domain.

What content is not appearing that should be on the published site?

Thanks Waldo. But…
It doesn’t … :frowning:

Thanks Waldo. Definitely understand that embed code only appears on published pages. I was able to solve my Buy Button not appearing by adding the product handle to my collections and creating a new dynamic field.

The problem I have now is performance. I scaled back the number of products I was showing and everything worked fine. As soon as I add more than 20 products the page just refuses to load.

It appears this solution won’t work for my needs.

Now it worked. Finally.

It seems that Shopify does provide the connection to it’s system as soon as I selected and ordered a plan (instead of being still in the free trial period). Thanks for your help.