Shopify buy button integration - after Shopify code change

Hi all,

I have an issue with the new Shopify buy button code.

Since Shopify has changed the buy button code I cannot find the product handle in the code any more.

How do I implement the new Shopify button into my Webflow page?

Please advice.

All the best, Alex


Bump on this questions because I am also running into the same issue.

Webflow staff can you please provide an answer to this question.



I found the same problem yesterday, and I solved using just the product ID that you’ll find when you generate the code. You will find it around at line 33-34 in this form: id: [10116015000]

i’m just using this code as cross reference between WebFlow collection field and Shopify

hope this helps

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I’d be up for hearing how people are using the shopify buy button code within webflow, would anyone be willing to share or show us your pages?

Are you guys building one off landing pages that talk about one product and then give the product code / visual product with a buy button? are you including the shopping cart insid the page [ slide out to the right ] ?


Hi this is the way I’m using it:

this the way to do it now, after Shopify has updated the widget code: [Updated] Shopify Buy Button embed code