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Webflow integrate Shopify buy button display wired in dynamic list

I try to integrate shopify into webflow. Everything goes well.

I placed buy button in dynamic list, The buy button appear in just one dynamic item as i have 3 items.
Here is the link.

And I test embed code function, put h1 in dynamic item, it work well, appear in each dynamic item.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Anderson_Min it looks like you’re missing your ID for each product in the dynamic list:

Please see this Shopify guide for embedding your Shopify products into your Webflow site:

@Waldo Thank you so much.

There are 2 products, I fill one product id, I guess the other product id i can do it in replace unique product id in embed shopify code as the tutorial shows?

@Waldo It was very strange two add to cart button show in one product, not each product has one add to cart button.



You are right, I need fill ID and componet for each product in the dynamic list, I guess it’s a little overwork. Because i need generate code for each product from shopify.

I will try shopify select collection, not products. It would be very nice you guys provide a tutorial about collection as already have select products.