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Shopify / CMS / Webflow - Does each product have to be uploaded separately?

Hello I’m working on setting up my first ecommerce site and was thinking about using Shopify (mostly because of the payments gateway integration) and Webflow (which I love).

I’m running through the tutorial, and I want to make sure I am understanding the info clearly. Do I really have to upload each product to Shopify and then separately add that product’s unique ID, etc. to Webflow CMS? Is there no way to bulk upload / integrate?

Praying the answer is that I’m missing something basic.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Yes, because you will need an individual product ID so you can dynamically integrate all products into Webflow.

How many products do you have?

I did it for and it works fine.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Limited number of products right now…but trying to plan for a bright, robust and plentiful future.

Yeah, Webflow will have a native solution soon, so it should be easy peasy. If you wanted to save yourself the hassle with multiple products you could set up zapier and trigger the creation of a new cms item on webflow when a new product is added to your store.

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Heads up for anyone reading this thread later :slight_smile: I also reached out to Shopify, and here’s how they responded:

ME: Hello,
I am building an ecommerce store on Webflow and hoping to use Shopify as my ecommerce platform. I need to export the "product-component-XXX" and the "id:[XXX]" numbers. Right now, I can only retrieve them from the Buy Button code generator…which is clearly not a good solution!
These fields are not included in the standard product export, so how do I retrieve them?

I spoke to some of our developers about your question, and they mentioned that while you cannot get Product IDs via the CSV Export you should be able to extract them using our API. API development is out of a support guru’s skillset but we have help documents on this page on API development which may help you get the ball rolling. If that sort of development is too challenging then you may want to look to our Hire an expert platform, they may be able to assist you better with your migration.

One thing I found was by adding .json to the end of a product URL in the Admin, the Product and Variant IDs can be found.

To export several in one go, you could also look to the app Product & Variant ID’s. Otherwise finding an Expert to help you would be the best course.

:thinking: Using the Shopify API and Zapier as a bridge, you could basically create a one-way one-time sync. Add a product to Shopify which Zapier extracts the product ID, name, and other relevant fields with it passes on to a CMS Collection in Webflow

:webflow_heart: If your payment gateway is supported by Stripe then it will work with the upcoming Webflow eCommerce.