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Amazon to Shopify to Webflow—can this work?

Hi all,

I am happily transitioning a client’s from Shopify to Webflow. However, they want to keep the Shopify back-end and integrate it into the Webflow CMS; that’s fine with me, I just want the design control that Webflow offers. That said, their actual inventory and fulfillment is managed via Amazon, and I’m very nervous about adding a third ‘link’ to this chain.

I’m still reading up on the Shopify integration to Webflow, but I’d like to know outright is there anything in Webflow that might interfere with Shopify’s ability to pull inventory from Amazon or mess with how they talk to each other? Sample sites would be super awesome if anyone is willing to share.

If there are any suggestions on an easier way to manage this, I’ll happily accept that too. Webflow support pointed me towards using Zapier to directly connect to the Amazon Marketplace until a real integration between Webflow and Amazon exists. But I haven’t really used Zapier outside of basic tasks. I have to make a case for whatever process I end up using, so better to use what actually works best.


Hey Natalie, I believe this is possible. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think webflow would have any effect on the fulfillment at all.

This is someone elses experience with the whole process.

I didn’t get to thank-you properly for this, Brian! My client decided to hold off on this but I really appreciate the response. Thank-you. (: