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Shopify Buy Button with Exported Webflow Code

I’ve created a site on Webflow that has e-commerce by using embed codes for the Shopify Buy Button.

However, my client wants to host the site on their own server and thus I had to export the code to send over to them. So far, everything is working great except for the Shopify Buy Button functionality (which is pretty key). I’m not a developer by trade. I know basic HTML, but I need to know where and how to insert the button code from Shopify into their site code so that the functionality returns.

Please help.

If the Shopify button is already in your site and you now need to navigate the code, I recommend you open your code then CTRL+F/CMD+F “shopify” to identify where the buy button info is located. Because you are not hosting your site at the same location, there is likely a disconnect from Shopify that will require you to Setup a new button. Do not be scared to navigate the code and always keep a backup.

Simply replace the old code with the new code from Shopify.

To learn more about building a new Buy Button for your use case, you should look here.


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