Shelter template with calender availability option for reservation

I’m a digital design, but new to Webflow.

I own a little vacation home which I’m going to make available for rent.
People will be able to rent is for 1 or 2 weeks (7/14 days), midweeks(5 days) or weekends (3 days)

I was looking for the Shelter template ( which seems to fit great for me. Only there is no intigration with a date/calender checker for availability.

Something like an overview

I want people to be able to make an reservation. After that a manual check to approve for myself. An online payment integration is not necesarry (but a great option if possible)

I was wondering if someone can give me some advise for a solution/option to implement this.

It depends on your requirements and budget. You could simply add calendar (date picker) inputs and a form on the template to allow users to make a request if you are going to manually approve requests. Of course if you want to add payments and real-time checking of availability the options and costs increase.