Hotel booking calender

Hey all, I’m looking for a hotel booking calender plugin that can integrate with webflow or custom codes i can use. Also can webflow use short codes?
I’ll appreciate any suggestions. thanks.

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Hi @Juliet_Oluwatowoju. Welcome to the forums! :tada:

Webflow doesn’t natively have a booking feature built-in, but it does have integrations that are easy to set up. Check out Integrations | Calendars and scheduling | Webflow University for a full list of integrations. I would recommend Timekit (I believe they have a free version).

Shortcodes are native to WordPress. What are you looking to do specifically?

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately those are not the type of calenders I need. I would like one for booking days. I’m trying to create a website for a client’s airbnb business. They would like to be able to take reservations and sync with airbnb and

Timekit should be able to do that. But if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you can try Checkfront, or eviivo. They have accommodation features.

Depending on what you’re syncing with Airbnb or, you may need permission to use their API. If you’re just trying to link to the pages then you don’t need any third-party software. You would create a button that takes you to those respective pages.

But something like Checkfront or eviivo would be your best bet. Just Google “accommodation booking software”.


Hi @Juliet_Oluwatowoju

For a typical hotel booking system, you’d probably need an excellent way to handle payments too, so a complete end-to-end solution is appropriate. Calendly would be a good approach if you just wanted a simple integration that handles the basics, but I’d say that’s more appropriate if you’re just selling simple services.

Another alternative is Cozy Cal, it allows for a more custom approach by letting you highlight your branding with logo, background color and language.

A typical user journey would start with the landing page and then into one of the rooms on offer. From there, you can still use Webflow’s designer to change the look and feel of the website. Then the user would select a room and head to the checkout page - this is where CozyCal comes in.

You could set up payments via Cozy Cal - connecting it with Stripe - a leading payment platform. Your potential customers could book & pay securely via Stripe without being redirected to multiple pages.

For more information, check out their landing page: 2

Webflow should integrate with apps like Lodgify.

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Hi, here are a few options for hotel booking calendars that integrate with webflow:

  1. Bookly - Booking plugin for WordPress. Can be integrated with custom code.
  2. HBook - A plugin for adding a reservation system to your website. Compatible with webflow.
  3. WP Hotel Booking - A WordPress plugin for managing hotel booking. Offers shortcodes.
  4. Hotel Booking - A powerful booking system plugin for WordPress. Supports shortcodes.

You can try these plugins to see if they suit your needs and requirements. Additionally, you can check the webflow integration guidelines for custom code and shortcodes.