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Shaping a nav bar

Hi there,

I am trying to shape my nav bar. As you can see it is popping up in the bottom left when entering the About section.

What I need is a custom shape like the one shown: A lot like on this website,

How do I go about this?



Make you shape in a graphic design software, like Photoshop (will produce a transparent PNG on export) or Sketch, who can produce a vector SVG.

You’re going to use this shape as a background image of your container, set to no-repeat.

However if your shape is a circle, you can cheat by doing it in Webflow. A circle is a square with huge rounded corners. Start with a div, put another div in it, give it a class, make it round, put your navbar in it and from there place your elements.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have managed to add it as a fixed background but am having trouble adding the links where I need them. How do I place these?