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Nav bar question

I want to create a nav Bar just like this website :
can anyone tell me hoe to do it?
I don’t know how to make the nav bar starts to appear in the 2nd section and the effect of dropping it down.
Please help.

because I am a newbie in using webflow. I have quiet a lot of questions. i also want to know how to make this.

which the coloured circle may move according to the pages.

Hi @Cheung I would begin by watching all of the Webflow tutorials

For the nav bar question you should watch the appear on scroll tutorial.

Check this, use the menu to clone the site or open it into webflow to see how it’s done

Your site is really useful but have a question: how did you set the “current” and its interaction?

You set the current by being on the current state… It’s automatic as soon as you’ve linked a menu item to a section ID. being on this section in the designer shows the “surrent” class and you can then set a style for it. Makes sense?

Edit: when I say it’s automatic: you never add a “current” class by yourself, Webflow adds it.

Edit2: I used a unicode symbol for the losange so the color is changed under the typography sub panel.

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