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I need the nav bar to begin at the top of the About page (second section) and not at the top of the home header like it is now. How is this done?

I need the nav bar to begin at the top of the About page (second section) and not at the top of the home header like it is now. How is this done?

Hi @sgreensted I see your navi bar is in fixed position. Set it to Auto (aka static).


It is but it starts at the top of the home section. I want it to begin at the top of the about us section. Does that make sense?


@sgreensted I probably don’t get you right. Can you please explain more about what you want to achieve? If you only want to have your nav bar position right above your About section, you only need to set your navi bar class positions to static (check image below). Or maybe you want something more than that?

Click to enlarge

OK thanks for the help. I think it is OK now.

I have one more query if that is OK? I can’t seem to scale up my logo in my nav bar. I’m sure this is simple. How do I do this.

Thanks for your time


@sgreensted Hi. You can share your public link so we can open your work in read only mode in webflow designer. That way we can observe your problem and create a solution for it easier and best directly in webflow so later you can replicate the solution much easier.

You can enable your public link from Site Settings. Once it enabled copy and paste it here.


This OK?

@sgreensted Yes I see you have set Max width to 250px to your logo. Remove it and you can freely resize/scale up your logo by setting its Width.

I thought OP (sgreensted) was asking for something I’ve been trying to figure out myself…

Let me see if he and I are on the same page.

Form… has 4 sections

Hero, Header Options, Content, Footer

When the page is scrolled up… Hero will disappear and Header Options eventually sticks to the top.

Content and Footer would now scroll under Header Options.

In reverse… scrolling down (with Footer near top - Content will appear as footer is pushed down.

When Content scrolls far enough down - Header Options will “unstick” and follow Content down the page.

After this… Hero would appear above Header Options.

Hero would have a graphic icon - when clicked… page auto scrolls so you can see Header Options.

Yes that’s it. How do I do this?

Exactly like this

I was actually trying to accomplish the same thing. The closest i found was this I hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

try this:

Notice the text will change inside the header “This is Header A Options” to “This is Header B Options”… when you scroll down - then reverse the text when you scroll back up.

Basically 2 Header Options - “visually” 2nd is a clone of the 1st…

differences are… Header 1 (A) is position relative - Header 2 (B) is fixed.

Hero 1 has 2 interactions

  • scroll into view - change opacity of Header 2 (B) to 0.

  • scroll out of view - change opacity of Header 2 (B) to 100.

I removed the timer on both interactions so that the element appears “to stick”… and not fade in.

EDIT: and I just noticed… the webflow forum is doing basically the same thing… scroll up and down this page (the one your currently viewing - and look at the header that says “Need Help - I need the nav bar to begin”… etc etc etc…

If will “pop in” and do something similar to my example.

Thanks guys. I’ll try out each solution and see which one works best.