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Setup floating NavBar so it doesn't obstruct text on in-page links?

Hi community - I’m having a bit of trouble figuring this one out. My floating nav bar works great, but I’m constantly having to fiddle with padding in each section so that the nav doesn’t obstruct the content. Is there a way to set it up so that the very bottom of the floating nav bar just reaches the very top of the section (which has a unique id for in-page linking?)

Here’s my public:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey @ag3nt7 here’s a topic explaining what you have to do to your navbar so that our smooth-scroll script will make sure to take into account the navbar when you have in-page links:

Hi thesergie,

Thanks for the lead. It’s sorted out for now - but I’m not convinced that I did it properly.

I don’t think I have my site organized well - especially the responsive pieces. Is there anyone with the company that can audit my work and help me figure out where I go wrong. For example, for some reason I’ve now lost my tablet/phone drop-down nav menu??

Also, my nav arrows jump around and change shape when on other views (other than default).

Do you offer any personalized services?

I’ve definitely been using the resources you have, and I do think this is an awesome platform!


We currently don’t, but we have thought about it! For now it’s best to post your request in the Freelance section of the forum. I’m sure it wouldn’t take someone long to look it over and give you some good feedback for $50.

Thanks! Will do. I didn’t even realize there was a freelance section.