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Nav Bar not snapping correctly in one spot only

Here’s the public:

For the life of me I can’t figure out what’s going on, but when using the fixed nav bar on the home page (it has in-page links), the first few line up properly (About, Services, Clients), but Testimonials does not. It stops about a 1/4 inch short of where it is supposed to go. I’ve looked at my padding, recreated the section, etc., but it still does this. It also doesn’t highlight properly in the nav bar itself (when on “testimonials” it highlights “contact”)…

It does the same thing when using the arrows to navigate that section…

Any ideas?

Hi @ag3nt7, you have your unique id “client-testimonials” assigned directlyt to the slider, and then link on the Testimonials nav link, you have it pointed to the client-testimonials section, but you do not have a section for that currently. Create new section just above the testimonials slider, remove the unique id on the slider “client-testimonials” and put that on the new section you just added. Then drag slider into new section, save and publish.

Can you try that?

Hi cyberdave,

I’ve already done that - twice now. I’ve redone the whole section a couple of times. That was my latest attempt (without it being in a section), but I’ve once again placed it in a section (unique id “Testimonials”) and it still does the same thing…

I’ve recreated the Nav bar too, just in case…but it still does the same thing.