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Floating Navigation Menu

Hey, Is it possible to create a floating Nav menu? What I’m meaning is when a user is viewing the site they dont have to scroll at any stage to use the nav menu, it just appears wherever they are on the page?



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Thank you, works a treat!!

I can’t quite get this to work so well. As I scroll, content obscures the header/navigation. How do we get the page content to scroll ‘behind’ the header?


Give a header z-index value higher than 0. Just to be sure, you can give it ~100.

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Sorry to open this back up but mine seems to be not going as planned.

I cant get the body padding bit too work. I have left the site as is with Section/header, fixed, and z index at 1

Anybody help me here?

Can you also publish your site your the subdomain so we can feel it out live?

Cheers sergie

Does it matter I’m working on the copy of my website? I got carried away and didnt go back to the original.