Setting length of div block border?


Borders on a div can be added top, bottom, left, right - Is it possible to set the length of the border?

For example if the grey area in the attached image were the div block, can the border be set so that it extends a certain length top/left to create the corner effect?


Not sure about this, I don’t think you can achieve that in Webflow border menu, you may try css custom code, witch is not my “area”… anyway I try something and had some workaround and come up with this solution, hope you like the way :slight_smile:

@shokoaviv Hey, nice workaround, I will see if i can make this work for my needs - think you might be right in saying that this is not available directly in Webflow. Thanks for your help!

For the moment I have moved away from adding this element in my own project but for anyone else searching the forum - I found this clone-able template by @DuncanHamra / Memberstack which has a very similar element to what I was looking for.