How to make a border/underline not extend

Hi. Quick question i cant seem to figure out…

How do I make a border not extend whole screen, but just a bit? See pics below on how it looks now vs how I ideally want it. I just want a short line there to help break up the content.

How it is now:

What I want:

In case its helpful, here are the settings I have on the border now that it doesnt work

Btw. I understand why it extends the border all the way, its cause the element does:

But i just cant figure out how I can make it just a short line

At the minimum the border will be the width of the text.

So you simply need a colored DIV underneath the text, of the width and height you need, and that will draw your line. You need a short “line” element, not an underline or a border, here.

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thanks for quick reply @vincent.

Not sure if I understand you correctly. I tried creating a div with the proper size and it looks good now:

But if i adjust the size of the screen its not sticking to the same place:

Now its almost gone for example:

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figured it out - had to width settings

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hello i, happy to be there