Combo Class interactions

Is there a way to set an interaction on a combo class? And what I mean by this is just the identifier that makes it a combo class. So if I have “button-black” and a “button-white” is there a way I can set an interaction to a new class called “button-interaction” and then add that as a combo class to whatever buttons I want to have it on?

When you click the interaction trigger class drop down it allows you to either add the interaction to “button-black” or “button-black, button-animation” but not just “button-animation”


Ok, I did figure out a workaround. You can just create a div with no style, name it something like “button-interaction”, add the interaction you want and then delete the div. Then just start adding “button-interaction” to whatever buttons you want as a combo class. So I guess a feature suggestion for me would be to allow the second class in the combo class to be listed in the trigger drop-down.


Another one, easier: set the last class of your combo to a div. Go back to your interaction set on a combo class eement, target the combo (it will list because it’s solely affected to the new div). Once you’ve targeted it, you can delete the div and continue to work on your interaction.