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Set limit on discounts

Can we add a limit to how many discounts can be used? For example, the first 200 purchases will get a 20% discount…would be very helpful in driving traffic to the sites.

We aslo need to add a valida period with start and stop dates.
We also need to be able to connect a dscount to a certain product

Hi @FilipSipos and @JanneWassberg, the option to limit the uses for the discount is on our roadmap for version 2 of discounts. I am unable to provide a date for these features because the product development process is ever-changing, and we don’t want to set incorrect expectations.

We are also taking a look at start and stop dates along with being able to connect the discount to a certain product.

When released, we will announce it in the dashboard, on social media, and in the forums.



Thank you for the follow up!

Hi @FilipSipos, great news! We recently released the option to limit the number of times a specific discount can be used. There is now a “Usage Limits” option in the discounts panel.

Here is a short video on how to do this:

Hope this helps!

Fantastic! Thank you

Hi @JanneWassberg! Great news! We just released valid start and end dates for discounts. You can also choose to have the discount never expire.

Here’s a short video on this new feature:

Hope this helps!

Fantastic ! You have released a lot of new stuff lately. Nice work

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Janne Wassberg

Hey @johnramos - any chance you’re planning on introducing a “free shipping” option for the discount system, whereby it allows us to offer free shipping, with control over what type (regional, national, international)?

Would also be good if it could stack, i.e. being able to offer “10% off and free shipping”.

Hi @johnramos,

I can see, that Webflow also launched a limit to how many times a customer can use a Discount Code. But how does this work, since the user doesn’t login to buy? Is it limiting how many times an email can use the code?

Hi @larshartmann

you’re right! The limit per customer functionality will work on the email address.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Thanks a lot for the swift reply, @maciejjasinski :slight_smile:

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