Do more with Ecommerce discounts

Webflow Ecommerce’s discounts functionality, released earlier this year, is officially out of beta.

We’ve been improving our Ecommerce discounts functionality behind the scenes — the latest iteration brings a bevy of new features so store owners have more control over the types of discounts they offer, flexibility around how long they offer them for, and better capabilities for managing those discounts internally.

Have more control of the promotions you run

Ecommerce store owners can now:

  • Create discount codes with start and expiration dates
  • Apply discounts to certain products or categories
  • Limit the number of times a discount can be used
  • Set discounts that only work once an order hits a certain value
  • Create discount codes that provide free shipping
  • Limit how many times a customer can use a discount

Offer a free shipping discount code by setting the discount type

Better manage your discounts internally

To make it easier for you or a collaborator to manage your store’s discounts:

  • They’re now available in the Editor
  • A new snapshot list view consolidates the most important info about each discount
  • You can make bulk edits directly in the Designer and Editor
  • You can also bulk import discounts via CSV

Easily see the status, codes, and other important notes about all your discounts

Get discounting

Discounting products is a proven marketing strategy that incentivizes your customers to make a purchase. 92% of shoppers use them. There are so many ways to move the needle on revenue:

  • Create seasonal sales
  • Offer codes to your first-time customers
  • Reward your most loyal fans
  • Encourage higher spending by creating a target minimum spend
  • Use codes to track referrals for offline orders

Whether you’re a small business, or launching a side hustle, now might be the time to try Webflow Ecommerce!

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