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Set form field to required, when shown

Hi guys

I’m having issues with my form on the page below.

I have to form field that are shown or hidden depending on if a radio button is selected or not.

if a user toggles the first selection ‘Sprint Camp 2. oct 2021’ than it shows a different field Jahrgang (age) than when i toggle the second selection ‘Sprint Camp 3. oct 2021’.

I need to do that because depending on the radio button different ages are allowed to join the event.

My problem is that the field is required. If i set both fields, also the hidden one, to required, the form can’t be submitted because of the missing value.

My question: is there a custom code that i can add which sets the shown field to required and the not shown one to not required?

Sorry, it’s kind of hard to explain but i hope it works :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Camps