SEO text on each page


Does anyone know where this text is configured, which I have marked in red and that appears behind each of my pages? because I am unable to find where it is

Is it not under Page Settings, than scroll down to SEO Settings?

Hi Stefan001,

does not appear and that is why I do not understand it!

What is the search term you used to get that result? And what does the lit-off desarollo, s.l mean?

Setting the text does not necessarily mean that Google will display it exactly how you want it to in every case. Sometimes search results use snippets that Google feel are more useful to the user.

If your meta description only says: This is my website. Welcome but there is more useful text in your content, then Google can display that instead.

I’m not an expert in the matter by any means, but I think this is possibly a Google thing more than a Webflow thing based on what I’ve seen before.

Hello Magicmark,

Lit-Off Desarrollo, s.l. is our company. But I don’t have any webflow settings section configured with that term. Not on the dashboard either, at least to my knowledge. So I don’t understand it.

That’s because you wrote “Lit-Off Desarrollo, s.l.” in your Navbar and named it “brand-3”

Google sees it as your brand name and displays it after your page title, like the result above yours " - Epson" is the brand name of the website.

Modify your brand name in your Navbar, ask Goole to recrawl the page via Search Console, wait for a few days and it should be gone :smiley:

ohhh wow!!! Thank you so much BBUXdesign!!!