SEO Settings not matching Google Search site links

I have updated SEO settings with webflow linking Google Id’s and filled info in SEO settings in the designer pages, however google displays other data instead.

How can I fix the search results links to display my info placed on the designer page SEO settings instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See attached and my site link below.


You can’t. You are just providing your recommendation to the SE. The respective SE algorithm makes the determination of what to display on the SERPS, based on a variety of factors. Visit Google’s or Bings Webmaster support pages for more info.

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Hey, one quick thing (it wont change the text google decides to display) . You may want to change your favicon to reflect your website/brand as showing as webflow at moment. Just a small thing but makes it look better on google search

Thank you yes I have changed the flavicons and published but it looks like it wont take effect.

any ideas?

@john_rice - Clear browser cache. The new icons are being loaded.

Thank you for your help both of you, I ended up adjusting the content of my page so that key words could be picked up by googles crawlers and Bingo! better than before.

As far as the Flavicons that help was greatly appreciated. Roseweb was a new visitor to the site and the flavicons had been up before he visited the link. So I panicked.

Favicons look to be working, nice one