SEO ranking for CSS and images

Good morning all,

little question, does the name of the class impact the referencing of my site?

For example a class called “Div-block-Copy-copy-copy” wouldn’t it be better to rename it for example “Expertise-Div”. my question is really about SEO and not about my organization aha

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Hi @Etienne_THOMAS this is a great question. My suggestion is to rename your class to name that make sense to you. When WF add Copy behind original name is only to differentiate it from its original name to prevent overwriting styles. once is copy created you can give it any name.

If you create class dog with background: brown and create copy name will be dog-copy then you can give it custom name eg. cat and make with background: black. Now when styles dog or cat will be applied on eg. div element they will have different background depend on class name.

more on WFU

Google doesn’t pay any attention to CSS when it comes to SEO.

SEO is more about HTML structure. CSS classes don’t affect SEO and won’t do it in the foreseeable future. And there’s a reason for that: sites that don’t use semantic class names have never been penalized for that and changing that would have a huge impact. And backlash.

Although modern crawlers could potentially infer more meaning from CSS (it’s not like Google doesn’t have the capability), there’s no reliable way to tell how much you can infer and even if it’s not actually misleading . For example, what if a class has been removed from the stylesheets but not from the markup? Or if it’s been completely overridden?

Moreover, eg. Svelte completely mangle class names (dog-D69g6pn14) when compiling the project.

However, having lots of CSS files to download, or large CSS files can impact the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). Additionally, poorly designed CSS can impact Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

the question is how WF deal with these for “no-code” developers.

Thank you very much for your answer, I really appreciate. Another idiot question but, the name of background image are important to for SEO ? Or just simple image ?

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Translation French to English : “Screenshoot” is “capture d’écran”

Hi @Etienne_THOMAS if I remember correctly

  1. CSS is not ranked by Google (I have mentioned before)
  2. Images without alt text are mainly set by modern browsers as decorative element to be ignored by screen readers that. Just in case you would like to rise this Q in future

Feel free to find all answers on internet as your questions are related to SEO and not Webflow.