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SEO in blog posts help

Is there a way to make sure each individual blog posts are picked up in searches like google? Is there some SEO I need to enter somewhere? I want to make sure my individual blog posts are seen in searches.

Some ideas:

1. xml sitemap

An XML sitemap shows Google’s spiders how and where to crawl your site.

Set Auto-generate sitemap.xml on (Like this each blog post will be under this map)

2. meta title and decription for each blog post (Really easy to set):


3. Google - Search only in your site

Under google search write site: +site: + absolute-url

If you wrote 30 posts but google only index 5 - maybe you block PAGE X by robots.txt or by meta-tag noindex or canonical issue (Thier is a lot more ideas “why not” but this is the “famous” problems).

For steps 3 & 4 first verify your site:

verify the ownership of your Webflow site - SEO tutorial

4. Google console - Update Google as quickly - fetch as google

5. Google search console --> coverage

You get a lot of information her about index issues:


Add for blog posts:

Stilton_systems provided some excellent resources in their reply. However, you should consider this.

“Google doesn’t require you to take any special steps to appear in search results, but you can help us find new or changed pages faster by letting us know when you make changes.” – Source: Google

Google will find your site if other indexed links exist. If Googlebot crawls your site, it may not crawl everything. If Google indexes your site, it may not index all of your pages.

"We use a huge set of computers to fetch (or “crawl”) billions of pages on the web. Googlebot uses an algorithmic process: computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to fetch from each site.’ – Source: Google

If your site is not sticky, not shared, not providing information that is not unique and readily available, why should you be indexed? Why should your website or a web page on it “rank” in the SERPS?

Concentrate on providing value to your potential visitors and creating quality, unique content in a niche. Then grow it. Google knows if your content sucks. How? High bounce rates and poor engagement. How would they know? Google Analytics is one way.

When you get good traction, you build on it. Excellent IA is essential when your content starts getting deep. Blogs are typically not the best examples of that. A content pyramid is.

I would also throw this in for thought. I have had many sites that ranked for years and years without changeing anything other than making them responsive. We kept doing what we did when we launched them — making content king. As a result, people shared. I never did “link building” so my sites never took a penalty.

Just my 2 cents and knowledge from 25 years of building sites and 22 years ranking them.

May your website reach the pinnacles of success. Just remember you will have to earn it.


100% without SEO it’s not possible to get good ranking in SERP because google has changed a lot since 2010. a good On-page and Off-page SEO is must for good and stable rankings.

Great :slight_smile: I only wrote about the most basic issues (Like fetch or sitemap). Your answer adds a lot of important information.

SEO is like religion, there are a lot of differing viewpoints, even at the top. No one really wants you to know their secret sauce if they really had one. Why share it. Go make your riches. But selling that idea is enough to make a business. It’s all really content marketing at this point on top of good IA. Alas, that is just my opinion. :wink:

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Thank you for all of these. How do I get to the settings for #2 that you shared?

For meta title and description, you have to install the Yoast plugin, if using Wordpress. It will enable you to perform on-page SEO.

I’m not using wordpres… i’m using webflow


If you are referring to the #2 that Siton_Systems shared, the SEO settings for a collection are set within that collection template’s settings. See the link that was shared.

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