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SEO and CMS Collection

Hello. So the problem is I got a website and it has to be multilingual. Since I have a lot of pages and the website’s gonna be on 8 different languages, it’s gonna be far more than 100 pages, the best solution for me is to make all languages with CMS Collection (am I right btw?). But CMS doesn’t let me to change title and meta description and it’s vital for my client to change it along with the language. Is it possible? Or using webflow is not the best option for this task yet?

It’s not. You can design a site and then integrate it into other more powerful CMS systems that support Multi-Lingual features out of the box. I personally use Processwire for sites that require it. All depends on the site requirements and your skill sets.

You can explore direct integrations using third part tools. Check the university integrations section for a list of them.