Sending Form data to a Handsontable Spreadsheet

I am testing out Webflow and it is awesome. However, there is a specific functionality that I need and I am hoping somebody can direct me how to get it done within the Webflow system:

I have a simple form that contains name, email, web address information as well as checkboxes. When the form is submitted by a user, I need that data to immediately generate a new row of a front-end Handsontable spreadsheet located in another div.

What is the best way to link the form with the table (which would necessarily be custom code external to webflow)?

I am still playing in the trial account, so I have not implemented the Handsontable div, so there is no example webflow site to link to, but hopefully somebody can explain.

Thanks so much for a great build environment.


Hi @studiopowell, your question is too broad as it is. Could you provide more details about what you are trying to do? Thank you!

Have you seen this one?