Send CMS value on Form Submission

Hello, I want to ask if it’s possible to send custom values on the Webflow Form submission. I mean, I have a CMS-based website that I want to send the title value in a CMS to a form submission.

The only option there is now that I can see, is a custom action, an event that needs to be hard-coded.

Currently, the form I have on my website collects email and name, which are available in the form inputs, now what I want is to also collect which of the many CMS-based pages the form came from.

Here’s a concrete example:

I have pages like:


Both of these are CMS-based templated pages that share the same form, now it’s important to which of the pages the visitor submitted from. Getting the title or slug submitted is enough.

Hello :wave: that should be straightforward. Just add an Embed element. Then create a hidden form field. The value of the hidden form field can then be selected from you CMS since it’s on a CMS Collection page.

Very easy, as Chris says, just drip in an HTML Embed, and add some hidden inputs with the values you want to capture.

It will look something like this;


In your case, you’ll want a name attribute on each so they’re properly labeled in the captured form content, and the email leads.