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How to add value to a 'select' field on a CMS page?

Hello! I have a form on a CMS page.

This one form thus obviously exists on MANY different pages for every CMS item.

What I need is to add a value to a ‘select’ field that I want to then ‘hide’ on my CMS form so it’s not visible. This value would be passed on when the form is submitted.

I would then be able to use this hidden value to know which page it came from, and trigger all sorts of events, zaps etc in my workflow. Very powerful!

I couldn’t see any way of doing it in Webflow, so I’m guessing some custom code is needed…

Thank you as always!

you can sneak in a webflow custom code HTMLembed component inside your form and hide it. Within that HTMLembed, you could declare a hidden field like so:

<input type="hidden" value="yourvalue">

You can even reference a CMS dynamic field inside your hidden field like so:

<input type="hidden" value="{{yourCMSDynamicField}}">

Hope that helps.