Selecting CMS Content Data

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the CMS feature and am encountering an issue with linking and loading the data once CMS collection has been created.

My site is on the CMS plan.

Various YouTube videos have been viewed on the subject and they all teach the same steps. I must be missing something.

The first screenshot is what I see on my end after I created a CMS collection, went back to a page, and created a Section, a Container and then placed an Image, TEXT etc. inside the container. Every time I do so Webflow does not provide the option to “Get Image/TEXT etc from CMS”.

The second screenshot is sourced from a video tutorial showing what I should expect to see.

Can someone offer advice as to what I am missing?

Thank you kindly.

Jonathan Hickey

Here is my public share link:

Screenshot 2024-03-15 155612
62a7a6bb3ead3252bf211ebb_M2S5 - Image Settings CMS