Segmenting users

Hey Webflow community!

There might be a glaringly obvious answer to this (but it’s Friday night and my brain is basically scrambled eggs)

I’m building a site for a client. They are a lead generation business. So I’m looking for a way to capture lead information on a website via a form (typeform, jotform etc) and then segment the data based on a variety of metrics such as age, location, income etc. Then segment these leads into particular google sheets or crm based on their responses using zapier (or a similar software). Does anybody know a tool that would help me here?

Bonus points: is there a way to automatically push these leads to their clients based on their requirements as and when we receive them? Eg 18-35 year olds earning between $35-$50k go to company A and 35-60 year olds earning $80k+ go to company B, so in and so forth. Ideally a way that also allows us to track where/when the lead has been sent so we can add the bill to their account. Due to the industry of the business, time is of the essence and the more after hours automation we can implement, the better.

I know this is a fairly left field question, so any help is appreciated

Hi Reiss, this doesn’t have much to do with Webflow itself beyond the point of capture. Your lead-management and distribution system will likely be something custom.

As a stopgap, I’d probably collect these leads into Airtable, so that you can create filtered and sorted views as you like, and work with those temporarily. That gives you some time to work out the rules and distribution requirements.

There are some complexities here on the allocation business logic, because your leads may well fall into several different categories, and could be allocated to any of 3 different clients. That means that you need to determine how to prioritize the allocations, including a saturation limit.

I.e. client A might be paying more than client B, so you’d allocate matching leads to them first. But maybe they can only take 100/week.

Eventually, you’ll also likely want to do weighting. For some clients, the earnings will be more important than the age. Or lower-v-higher age might rank differently depending on what’s being sold. If you can define your lead targets with weightings, you can calculate a matching score, and that makes it a bit easier for you to allocate the best leads to each client, and distribute them fairly too.

There’s a lot here. I haven’t seen any off-the-shelf software that can do this, so we’ve always built these systems custom for clients. If you find something interesting please share.