Seems like a Bug. Click interaction doesn't work on the next page in pagination

Hi Everyone!
Hope someone can help me.
I have a collection list on a page. Every item is wrapped in a link block with interaction “on click”. Once you click on an item’s link block - Pop Up screen.
Here is the problem - once you go to the next page of the collection list (pagination) interaction stops working. I tried setting up interaction through Webflow’s interactions and with Custom Code, both won’t work once you are on the next page of pagination.
Help :slight_smile: Will attach a loom link video to show what is going on.

Loom Link:
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Have you found a solution to this? I’m having a similar issue

If i’m not wrong, with custom code, the listener is placed when elements was created.

When you click on the pagination bouton, you must place a new listener on the new loaded elements.