Interraction BUG, not working when using native webflow pagination


Is it me or do the interractions aren’t working anymore when using the native pagination system from webflow from a collection list ?

I have spent time perfecting some sweet hover interractions, only to discover they get canceled when using the pagination system, eventhough I set the all triggers to be triggered and targeted by classes…

Has anyone any idea how to solve that issue, without having to code a GSAP script ?

here is my read only link:

here are some screenshots:

the interractions work on page load, before clicking on the “next” button, once the “next” button is clicked, all interractions have disappeared / aren’t being triggered anymore.

The interraction on hover is extremely simple: the image juste scale up a tiny bit and scale back down on mouse out… still it’s not being triggered once we start going through the pagination system :frowning:

anyone had the same issue maybe ? :blush: