Click pop up not working within pagination

Hi guys,

I have created a pop up to appear when you click this button shown in images. It works on the first page but when I click ‘next’ on the pagination the pop up doesn’t work when it should as it has the same interaction as the page before. What could be causing this?

So within the images, 1 is on the 1st page of pagination when the page loads and when clicked image 2 pop ups. when you click the second page of the pagination and click the same buttons no 3 nothing pops up.

Thank Ellis

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I am currently battling the same thing :pensive:. things like this make webflow seem like a basic website builder. Did you manage to fix this?

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I am also running into this issue, specifically with Finsweet pagination. It’s interesting to know that it’s Webflow pagination in general. Hope someone who knows the answer sees this thread.

Hey! I found a fix, which was resetting of interactions. But you will have to go through setup of pagination/load with Finsweet to use this fix. I’m not sure if any of you are using Finsweet, but I highly recommend it, especially for pagination.

Go to this page: CMS Load more for Webflow - No-code using Attributes , then search for “reset interactions”. It worked like magic, and all my modals are opening/closing now.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the hint! It worked!!!

Thanks so much for posting this tip. It worked an absolute treat! I had a modal pop-up that stopped working after implementing Attributes’ “Load” feature. Adding this “reset interactions” snippet fixed it completely.