Seeking Advice on Setting Up a Subscription-Based Design Service on Webflow

Hey everyone!

I need some guidance on setting up a subscription-based design service.

I want to keep it simple with just a subscription button for checkoutno login area and no traditional e-commerce features.

Can you provide me with tips on structuring the site and optimizing it for subscriptions?

Also, I’m looking for recommendations on a reliable and secure third-party solution for handling subscriptions and payments in Webflow.

Your experiences and expertise would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Pavle_Lucic PayPal Business accounts allow you to setup subscriptions. Once you have setup your products, you can copy the PayPal checkout script and add as an embed element on your site (see screenshot).

You can create CMS collections/items for your products, add an embed element with the PayPal checkout beneath which will then allow a user to subscribe/pay monthly etc. for your products without the need for the eCommerce side of Webflow.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice!

Quick question

Do I need CMS only for a checkout?
Is there an additional web flow fee on top of the Paypal fee?

Hi @Pavle_Lucic

The Checkout feature within Webflow is only available on a live site with an eCommerce plan.

If you are not wanting to use/pay for an eCommerce plan, you could use a CMS Site Plan which you would then create “Products” as a CMS Collection and then each CMS Item within that Collection would be a product you are selling.

If using a Standard eCommerce plan then there will be an additional 2% fee on top of Stripe or PayPal’s fees. If using CMS then no transaction fee from Webflow, just whoever your subscription is with.