Secure Site Question

Hello, I’m a little in over my head so I hope I can explain my question.

I have a website that I did for a client ( and they recently added another domain name (, which points to the main site. Their domain names are with Go Daddy. I was recently in contact with Go Daddy and they helped me get pointing to

So everything works great; if I type in or just, both go to the secure Ice Alert site, perfect, just what the client wanted.

However, if I type in or, I get a message that says that site is not secure. Probably not a huge deal since I don’t think many people will actually type in the https but I would like everything to be correct, in case someone does.

Can anyone provide details (newbie here) on how to make this right?

I did not put in a CNAME or A record in Go Daddy for the name, as the hosting instructions said to do, I wasn’t sure if this pertained to my particular situation. Do I need to do that?

Thanks for any detailed help you can give!


Hmm, no ideas?