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Sections Moving When Resizing Browser

Hi Webflow Community,

I am having an issue with my site where when you adjust the size of the browser (on a desktop) all of the sections slowly shift to the left of the page and eventually out of view. I have attached a youtube link below to show this in more depth. Please let me know if anyone knows of any fixes.


@Pconte do you have a live link? I am not seeing this behavior within the designer or the preview.

Hi @sarahdarr

It only happens on the second, third and forth slides of the form. You can access them by clicking the “next” button.

Thanks for the help.

hmmm yes I see the issue but not quite sure where the issue is occurring. let me take a look this afternoon or maybe someone else will jump in with a solution for you.

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@sarahdarr Sounds good, thanks for the help!