Site scroll glitching to on page link (mobile)

I have a few link boxes on my page that take me to different parts of the one-pager. When I click these links on mobile, first it outlines the div I linked to in light blue (small issue). Then, when I scroll past the point that it linked me to, it starts rubber banding/screen flashes back to the spot that was linked. I noticed it specifically happens when the UI of the browser hides/shows itself. Any ideas on how to fix this and why it may be happening?

here is the link to the site : Try clicking the Tea Icon on the hero and then scrolling down more until the Browser controls disappear and then scroll slowly up and down to see what I mean. Or click the cards just below the hero. Thank you!

I also have a screen recording of the issue I can share
A few ideas that have come up in a conversation with a friend: The scroll animation that is built into webflow is running perpetually and snaps back to the element when viewport is affected. 2. The focus of the page is creating the outline of the element and somehow brining the scroll back to it.

Here is the read only link :

and a video of what is happening on mobile : RPReplay_Final1650984016.mp4 - Google Drive

Could you add a read-only link, I can’t replicate the issue. But with a link I’m sure either myself or another member will be able to resolve the issue.

How to add a read only link:

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I added the read only link!

here is the thing, it doesn’t seem to show it happening in the mobile preview in webflow. Only once I actually open it in a mobile browser (seems to specifically be happening when the nav bar of safari or google chrome moves/ the viewport changes) it will jump to the spot on the site that is Natural Garden Care | Edaphic Solutions(the last on page link clicked).

let me know if that helps and thank you for all the help Tom

Hey Tom! Was wondering if you noticed anything about this? The error is replicable and I may just remove the links from the site if I cant figure it out

Hey, funny timing I have just this moment opened the thread and have just started taking a look. Give me a moment I’m trying to reproduce the issues. Hopefully we can sort this out :crossed_fingers:

I can’t seem to replicate the issues, I’m using chrome and brave to check, and it seems to be working perfectly for me.

I hate to ask but have you tried clearing your cache/does the issue still happen in incognito?

I reached out to support and they were able to replicate it, can you see the video I linked in the original post? it seems to specifically happen if the UI of chrome is animating in or out. I have used incognito but not cleared cache yet. Ill try that next!

Ah ok it’s a tough one as it’s not happening my end. Hopefully the cache clear helps or someone else on the forum may be able to shed some light on the issue.

Sorry I couldn’t help out

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