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Section with background picture looks responsive in Webflow but not on my physical phone or tablet. HELP!

Here’s my


It’s so weird how it can look fine in Webflow but not in the actual Chrome browser. The rest of my site is fine it’s just the top where it says “You Imagine I Create It”. That is the only section that falls apart on all devices.

Hi Matt,

Can you also share the published site link so as to test responsiveness on a physical device.


Yep. Here it is .

Hi Matt,

I checked your site on different devices (PC, Tablet, Phone), and resized the browser window on PC. Everything looks responsive and OK.

Can I confirm that you were referring to the Hero Image? (Showing the street view)

What devices type were you experiencing the issue? (ios, Android)

Thanks Kieran for checking in! I fixed it! Everything is great now! Thanks a lot!

Oh Good Stuff :+1:

Nice site by the way.

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