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New sections do not differentiate

Hello All -

I’ve spent 5+ hours trying to figure this out, and I started from scratch 3 times. I’ve also followed the tutorial video word for word, and it doesn’t seem to be effective.

When I try to add a new section underneath the nav bar, it’s as though the section is attached to the top of the page. While the video shows new sections appearing underneath the nav bar (stacked, so to speak), my section overlaps with the nav bar. Every time I try to add subsequent sections, they continue to layer underneath the nav bar - attached to the top of the page.

I do not have the sections “fixed” to the top of the page, although my nav bar is.

Does anyone have suggestions?

If your nav bar is fixed then you need to add padding or possibly margin to the top section.

Thanks so much for the response.

A bit confused still - in the video, the person was able to fix the nav bar to the top and then add sections below. I’ve been doing what you’re saying (adding padding to move the section down). Is there a reason that I can’t add a section below the nav bar while the video guy is able to? He too fixes the nav bar to the top of the screen.

Regardless, I’ve unfixed the nav bar. Seems to be working now! Thanks!

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When you are using a fixed nav that’s just how it works. I recommend adding top margin to the first section of each page (create a class for it)…you can also use padding or in some situations (image behind nav with no background) you might want to pad the content in the section.

Hope that helps.

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